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12:32pm 12-27-2016
Greetings. I also invite you to a page with quotes, proverbs, sayings, and other wisdom -
10:15pm 11-02-2016
Brain Jenkinson, is a thief and a fraudster whom I have reported to the police and is now being investigating Bj tractors stole a tractor that went to get restored that had been in the family for over 60 years, I left a deposit along with the tractor, the restoration was only going to take 8 months, 3 years later with so many lies as to why it was taking so long ( ie his son had cancer his wife was on life support etc all lies as I found out just to mention but a few, in the end I did get a tractor back very badly restored, so bad on the day I picked the tractor up it would not even run, I took it home and check the serial numbers to discover it was my tractor (so whose tractor do I have ? ) I returned to bj tractors 5 hours drive one way to collect the right tractor it had never been touched in the 3 years since I dropped it of Brian refused to give me the tractor at first, but once I threated him with the police he decided to give me my tractor back, I now have 2 tractor one that is mine and one I don't know who it belongs to, when I was there I counted 29 tractors out side and probably over 30 tractors inside the workshop, O its also not the Worksop in the photos of this website, don't trust him he is not a nice man at all, I find him very very pathetic feel free to contact my self if you would like more info
10:46am 06-21-2016
Greg Murray
Just a quick thank you Brian,my restored old tractor looks brand new again,lovely job,really pleased, I will be recommending you.
Thanks again Greg.
12:37pm 12-21-2015
hi brian
just got a Leyland 2100 tractor, its straight from the farm in good condition, no rot just surface rust, would like you to take it on to make it good again. been looking at your website and recon your the man for the job. regards patrick
7:03pm 10-14-2015
I am looking for a late Fordson Super Dexta in good condition or renovated. My father has retired again and now at 87 desperate to get another of his favourite tractor.
10:29pm 08-18-2015
Hi there,great website,I live in Ireland,interested in buying a nice 35x massy,just for pleasure and vintage shows,roughly how much would that cost me.Many thanks
6:37pm 05-17-2015
Hi iam interesting to duy a vineyard massey ferguson MK III tractor. Pls any information on were i can find.
8:24pm 04-30-2015
Hello, if I can find a farmer in the Preston area where I could store and use a te20 then I will then buy one, please can you tell me if you ever sell restored t20s ? Also I've noticed some have exhaust pipes and some don't I think they look neater without, which models don't have them? Thanks for your time, ian, walton le dale
5:45pm 01-27-2015
hi my dear
I want to buy tractor for weal 4*4 I would the best option of the two 188 and 185 perkins I needed to Lebanon if we have please send to me the picture and this email or to my phone number 0096170446622
best regard
5:19pm 09-08-2013
I wish to ask a question.
I want to buy a tractor i would to know the best option of the two:
i) 260 MF perkins engine turbo
ii) 65hp Fiat/New Holland
Which of these two is the best for Africa Botswana?
1:42pm 06-14-2013
harold mcpherson
Hello, i have been on your website and have spoken to a client of yours his tractor won the scotish show and it deserved too what a beautiful job your attention to originality and detail is the best i have seen. you had restored this tractor for him a couple of years ago .I believe you are very busy but wondered if you could give me a ring a have a large collection of mf tractors i would like you to restore several of them if you can pencil me in, my tel no is 01132 295670 i have tried ringing you but it just goes to answer machine i will try again this weekend.
2:20am 12-28-2012
Hello, I am restoring a MF 165, 1970, and needs a new electrical installation, but I can not in Portugal.
Does someone can get me the power scheme to finish the restoration?

thank you
8:42pm 06-13-2012
looking for a nice MF 122 regular model , not vine-yard. It seems to be nearly impossible to find one of these models. The next-best could be an American mode MF 150, which i find very interesting...with the perkins 3 cylinder diesel engine... I always look at your homepage, before going to bed,,,it make my dreams wonderfull...Jens Denmark
5:47pm 03-06-2012
really enjoyed your site , everything is very impressvie!!!!!!!!!!!
9:48pm 02-14-2012
hi i am looking for a flexi cab for my 135 tractor. i have a fully restored duncan cab which i am lookihg to sell,and replace it with a flexi could you help me with my enquires.Thanks.
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